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The Founder/McDonalds Review | Evan Reviews Everything

The Founder


Great movie, well done, good casting, its gonna be a yes from me dawg.

Man. I knew there was a reason I hated McDonalds. And no, its not just because they have THE SHITTIEST food in the fast food industry. But because of the “why” they have the shittiest food.

I never knew the story of McDonalds. But it’s one I’ve heard 1000 times. Piece of shit business/corporate man ruining the artistic vision of ones dreams.

This is a sad story… and again one that happens to many times in this world.. if you were like me and haven’t watched this yet and do not know the story ill fill you in (spoiler but its history so) Ray Kroc, a struggling and greedy businessman sees opportunity when he stumbles upon what he sees as the most revolutional restaurant in the industry, the real piece of art, the vision, crafted by 2 brothers who started with nothing but a dream. Long story short he ends up screwing them by making a ton of changes they don’t want as well as buying the land that the McDonalds are built on, making a huge profit.

In the end, the brothers sell their shares of the company to Kroc, but he has to screw them one last time by not including the royalties in the written contracts, instead he gave them his word that he would pay them. I would not have trusted him.

This dood robbed them. And I realize he’s dead and everything but I still see Mcdonalds as this evil corporation, because that’s what they are.

Too bad it couldn’t have been the Macdonalds brothers vision.

Everything they didn’t want to go wrong with their brand did because of Kroc, the quality fell, tremendously I assume by peoples reaction in this movie eating McDonalds from back in the day lol. Not everyone had their vision. Not everyone cared, look at the McDonalds of today, disgusting.

And because of that, IMO, McDonalds is the worst Fast Food Franchise out there, when if it stuck to the original vision is could be on the scale of in-and-out. Im sure McDonalds is bigger but quality is what matters and any person in their right mind would pick a in-and-out burger over McDonalds every day of the week.

Anyway, DONT EAT MCDONALDS!!! Thats My review on that.


Super Excited for Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) | Las Vegas Round II

I am super excited to be heading back to Las Vegas for round II so soon, this time I plan to see all the things I missed the first time. I know two things on my list are; doing the jump from the stratosphere and going to the pawn-stars shop, lol. Other than that I don’t have any specific plans or expectations(other than EDC), just gonna see where the vibe takes me.


I have been wanting to go to EDC for years now but I have never been able to go, usually because of work, but now that I am working for myself doing stuff like this comes much easier, and I am super grateful for that!

The lineup for EDC is amazing! I don’t think it beats Life is Beautiful’s (LIB) 2017 lineup but that’s hard to beat no matter who you got, lol. I just wanna say how lucky I am, I pre-ordered my tickets to both events before the lineup was dropped for either of them, it made me very nervous, but atlas when the line-ups were announced I knew I made the right decision.

LIB was amazing and I cant wait to see what EDC and Vegas have in store for me this time, and of course I will document my adventures and share them on here, what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t?

Only 15 days until lift off!


Also I love meeting new people so if your a cool person all about the PLUR lifestyle and your are going we should connect at the festival! DM Me!