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Current Plays: Crypto in General [5/25/21]

Theres a lot going on in the Crypto World, there was a bit of a crash and everyone woke up with a lot of money gone.

Im still in the green I am glad and fortunate to say.

For now, I am long term holding, ETH, MATIC, ADA, XRP. When i say long term holding, I mean i dont plan to touch these for years, only add to them.

I am mid-long term holding, doge, shib, and safemoon. When I say mid-long term holding, I mean depending on the situation I could buy more, sell, hold, secure profits, start day trading this coin, who knows with these pump and dump coins, I see some of them sticking around for awhile tho.

For short term/day trading, today I am messing around with Chibi & HODL … tho these change on a day to day basis, i use coin market cap to catch gainers on their way up.

I added a new page to CyberWorkz, Crypto Watch which will have a log of all crypto gainers and losers every 12 hours.

Current Plays: Dogecoin [5/10/21]

That was an interesting weekend lolol… not as high as we thought but not as low of a crash as we thought either, has found some stability in the .50 to .60 range, way better than i thought would…. i secured some profits on the way down at .68, reinvested at .42 and now its a long hold for me until the next catalyst at least, we will see what happens, hell i thought i was gonna get out total this weekend but were gonna leave some in there… were playing hard with shib, safemoon, and picking up some other ones… stay tuned

Current Plays: Dogecoin [5/7/21]

So i got into this pretty early, I secured some profits at around .47 and reinvested, I am keeping an eye on dogecoin hard today and tomorrow with elon on snl expected to drive the price up… Im gonna watch it and when i think its reached its peak (im thinking .80 – 1.00) im gonna sell off, secure profits, then reinvest a lil on the dip for a long hold …. who knows what happens after this, but i imagine i will add my doge profits to safemoon, mayyyybbbeee cumrocket, we will see….