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Mortal Kombat Movie Review | 4/5 | ERE

I watched this coming off of my Army of the Dead review, so it may have helped it. That being said, I thought this movie was pretty dope, I went in expecting it to suck to be honest, I was pleasantly surprised. The fights and fatalities were pretty sick. Scorpion was dope af. Subzero was tight, all the characters were pretty dope to be honest. The visuals were really well done.

The only thing I will say is it kind of felt anti climatic I guess, im not sure how to describe it, but I guess it was because I was expecting an actual tournament but then the final battle happened and it was done, dont get me wrong the scorpion reveal was sick nasty, I guess I just thought there was gonna be more I didn’t realize we were entering the final battle when that happened.

Ill for sure be checking out the next two they have planned, in the meantime I would recommend this movie over Army of the Dead lol.

Army of the Dead movie review | 2/5 | ere

The best part of this movie was looking for the Chris Delia replacement scenes… I cant imagine Chris Delia in this movie, I kind of want to see #thedeliacut lets make it happen

Zack Snyder is a controversial director for some reason, so Lets start this review off by saying that I am a fan of Zack Snyder. I thought 300 was dope as hell, first of its kind in many ways. MOS was amazing, the man brought us the first badass superman movie. I thought BvS was cool but for sure could have been better and I think the Martha line was not the right way to go about it lol. Day of the Dead is a cult classic, I remember watching it when I was young, it left a lasting impression. I love the dood’s visuals and love the stuff he gets right.

That being said, im not one of these hardcore fan boys who says he can do no wrong. Too many people have this mindset now a days, where they think someone they like can do no wrong. We see it with people and their preferred political candidate for instance, but thats a topic for another day.

I went into this movie thinking it was gonna be good, thinking I was gonna like it. Nahhh, this movie sucked lol. It was a fun watch, but only cuz we were making fun of the plot, the dialogue, forced moments, the wide ranging field of depth, zombie behaviors and runs, the stupid backstories/sub plots it tries to put in, the robots lol, the zombies that knew kung fu … this movie had a lot going on.

So if your alone looking for a good movie to watch, I wouldn’t recommend, but if your with some family members or friends looking for a good bad movie to make fun of this ones a good choice, its pretty stupid lol.

Again, not trying to shit on Snyder, I like the guy, and I forgot to mention above that I thought JL the snyder cut was freaking amazing and I think he should have control of the DCEU. BUT, I was just expecting different from this, I understand its more on the fun side anyway, he wasn’t looking for any oscars, but still…

Trumbo Movie Review | 4/5 | ERE

ERE is back slowly adding to our catalog.

So it took me a while to actually check out Trumbo. To be honest I didn’t know what it was about or that it was a true story based on a real guy and events or any of that. But now knowing the subject matter of the film, im glad I checked it out.

This movie really gives you a glimpse of those times within the movie industry during the red scare. I remember learning about this period of time in school but we didn’t even scratch the surface.

I find it super interesting to see what these blacklisted people had to go through, the different factions that were working against each other, and it was awesome to see Trumbo reveal the hollowness of the black list through his ghost writing.

I couldn’t help but notice similar things going on in todays world, people are throwing the word socialist around and I wouldn’t doubt those people go through a lot of what we see in this movie. On the other side it exists too, we have seen people be cancelled (current day form of blacklisted) for holding different political opinions or supporting certain parties, or exercising their 1st amendment.

I think we can learn a lot from this time period, what do I mean by that? Well opponents of Trumbo thought these communist were going to destroy America. They did not. We hear a lot about how these socialist are gonna destroy America, or trumpers are going to destroy America. They have not. Its fear mongering to garner support for a specific side.

Everything is just fear.

I think we all need to chill, realize we are all people with different ideas and thats okay. No need to vilify those who hold other ideas. Instead we need to meet in a place of learning and understanding.

Just some similarities I noticed while watching, and the end of the movie had a great speech that I thought could be applied to the current political situation as well.

A lot of things are misunderstood. I think thats where a lot of the worlds problems come from, misunderstanding.

Anyway, great movie, with a great cast, covering an interesting time period in Hollywood in which similarities can be drawn to the current political landscape.