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What You Need To Know About Creating Your Own NFT Project

I have seen a great deal of people who are bullish on crypto express interest in creating and launching an NFT project, I think often with unrealistic expectations, that is, they hear about all these kids making millions selling jpegs, so they think they can just throw up some listings and boom they sell? Well not exactly, but look I don’t blame them, I thought the same thing, until I tried it and learned what it was about, lets get into it.


A non-fungible token (NFT) is a non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain, a form of digital ledger. Types of NFT data units include digital files such as photos, videos, and audio. Because each token is uniquely identifiable, NFTs differ from blockchain cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.

In my eyes you have a few different groups or types of NFT projects.

One-Offs” of pieces of various art that can be grouped by collections with certain themes or what have you.

“Character Collections” which is a single character with various traits that are minted at random.

“Music Projects” like song/album drops in form of NFT, which are amazingly beneficial for musicians and their fans alike.

“Novelty/Pop Culture” which are items from pop culture turned NFT, like a Tarantino script or some funny OG meme.

All of these tokens are capable of having some sort of utility or case use after purchase. Like access to real life events and benefits.


There are 3rd party apps and websites that will create smart contracts for you to help configure all the customizable elements if your going a character collection route. One is Appy. Google search for more options and more about the process.

There are paid and free options in image editing software you can use to digitize your drawing. Adobe, Affinity, Gimp, Paint, InPixio, and Fotor, to name a few. Google search for more if need be.


So after deciding what type of project your going to launch, you need to think about where its going to live. Although your project can be hosted on which ever platform you choose, its important to note that some “types” dominate certain platforms, this can be seen after a few minutes scrolling the different platforms.

For instance, if your going the “One-off” direction trying to sell art pieces over character collections, I would highly recommend getting it on Foundation, that platform seems to be much more art driven and focused as apposed to other platforms where you see “Character Collections” dominate the space. These are things to keep in mind, again you will find a little bit of everything on each platform.

Opensea is nice for beginners because it implements lazy minting, so once you have your account set up and pay those fees, you can begin uploading your collection without having to pay minting fees, and then once someone buys the NFT, then the minting fees are paid, I believe there is an option whether you pay it or the buyer does.


Unless you already have a huge following, to launch a successful NFT project, there’s going to be quite a bit of community building required to get things going.

All of social media is recommended, spread the word far and wide, but there are a few essential platforms in the NFT/Crypto Space. Start building out your digital infrastructure with a dedicated Twitter, Tik Tok, and Discord.

See if you cant find anyone interested in being involved with the project some way shape or form, try to build a team that shares your vision. The more people involved the better.

Its a long journey, but possible. Good Luck.

We are probably missing a few things and glazing over the rest, but this is a good point of understanding to begin your NFT journey, I like to keep it general, there is plenty of content doing deep dives on anything you could possibly want to know, just search for it.

Channeling My Inner Gary Vee | Everyday I’m Hustlin’

What is up?! It has been a while since I’ve posted here, I have been so busy this past week. I have been coding a website for the past 3 days straight with only 2 hours of sleep every night. And if your a coder you may know this, the more tired you get the harder it is lol (I Guess that’s with anything).

Hence the title of this article, “Channeling my inner Gary Vee”, my digital mentor always preaches on executing and how he only sleeps about 4 hours a night. When I first started watching him I thought that was crazy, how could someone like him work so hard and still only get 4 hours of sleep.

Well, I figured it out, once I really started hustling, ITS PASSION. I have such a passion to build my company that I have literally been able to operate on very little sleep, yet back in the old days when I would have to wake up early to go work for someone else at a job I wasn’t passionate about, I was always tired, I would come home from those jobs and crash right away!

Now I never want to sleep or do anything if it conflicts with building my dream. All those things that Gary Vee was saying when I first started watching him make even more sense now!

Anyway, thought it would be a good idea to post a little update about what I’ve been doing, the website I’m working on will be finished tonight so I will be able to continue on with the ebooks/resources I’ve been promising on here for awhile. No worries! Everything is coming and it will be amazing!

Stay Tuned, Keep making Moves

-Evan Beale

Sincerity is Key to Building Real Relationships | Organic Growth on Social Media in 2018

Sincerity is key! You have to give a fu*k about what you are doing, but not only that, you need to give a fu*k about other people and what those other people are doing. Don’t just pump out your content asking for people to do something, or buy something from you without actually giving a fu*k about them. People pick up on that shit.

Something I always preach is value. If your reaching out to people, asking them to do something, or if your looking to partner on something, you need to be bringing value every time. A key here is finding out what they will perceive, as having the most value. That’s whats nice “perceived value”, something super valuable to them may not be that big of a deal to you, like a feature or shout out or some money what ever it may be, you now seem to be giving them more value than your receiving, and that’s the key. You just need to figure out what will benefit them the most?

Another part of this is, don’t even worry about how they can help you, don’t even ask! Just focus on delivering value to that said person or brand, and after you help them they will help you without you asking, in my experience this is a major key component to building amazing relationships that last.

Don’t do something for the reward, do it for the journey.

Remember everyone you encounter on the web is just like you, their putting content out their sharing something their passionate about with the world, don’t hate on anything, spread the love, engage, follow, share, like, and I promise you, you will actually start to connect with people. Sincerity is key!

This is just some advice, I see so many people trying to take shortcuts, and wondering why there not getting anywhere, this kind of shit takes time. Put in the work.


Introductions / Honest Marketing @ Digital Clinic

Here is a little introduction, I stepped in front of the camera this time so you could put a face to the voice. I tell you why I started making videos, and give you a little insight on all the marketers ads you’ve been seeing.

Now of course what I say in the video is not a blanket statment, if you agree with me then your probably an honest marketer and have nothing to worry about. If you disagree with what I said you may just be who I am talking about.

I have no problem with webinars or courses, as long as they have value. I have a problem when someone that has no real professional experience as a marketer goes online and copy and pastes other peoples knowledge and pass it off as their own master plan that they sell for hundreds of dollars. Let me know your thoughts on the video!


Evan Beale @ Digital Clinic

Day-2-Day 5-Step Guide to Organic Growth on Instagram

 .       Instagram is by far the easiest platform to get organic growth, and organic growth is almost more important than paid growth because organic growth is where you’re going to get your real loyal customers from.

.        The simple answer to the question of organic growth on Instagram is simple, its engagement. To get organic growth, a.k.a. non-paid engagement, on your Instagram you must engage with people and post engaging content.

.        This is a lot of hard work and takes a lot of time, and a lot of people don’t want to take the time to do it so they rely heavily on paid reach and Engagement. Although paid reach is amazing, you want to get some organic reach before you start running ads, it will help with social proof once that paid reach gets to your page.

.        So below I will outline the step-by-step guide to what you should be doing when you’re on Instagram to gain organic reach.

1. Post – Your going to want to post at least once a day, for certain profiles that I manage I post three times a day. Your going to need to make sure that the content you’re posting is visually interesting, mentally interesting, and everything overall interesting, nobody’s going to engage with something that isn’t cool looking or is a boring subject. Next you’re going to want to use hashtags that directly relate to the subject matter in your post, you can only use 30 so choose wisely. Another popular way to get people to engage with your post is to ask them a question in the caption of your photo. After you have been posting for a few weeks make sure you check your analytics and see when the best time to post is on each day.

2. Wine and Dine the Top Nine – next you’re going to search all the hashtags that you have been using in your recent posts and select the top nine photos for each hashtag, go into each profile, like multiple pictures of theirs, leave them comments on how much you like their wall, then follow them, then direct message them with either a deal or brief introduction.

3. All the Rest – Your going to do what you did in step 2, but with all the rest of the photos for the tags you have been using, so first do the top 9, then move on to the rest.

4. The Power of the DM – The power of the DM on Instagram is ridiculous, don’t be afraid to use it, whether is just a brief hello and introduction or offering a deal or what ever it may be, a good rule to stick by is that you need to be offering them more value than what your getting in return, otherwise people won’t take the time to do what you want them to do.

5. Feed the Likes – After you start to get followers on Instagram make sure you keep those followers, every time see a photo pop up on your feed make sure you like it or leave a comment, not only does that keep your brand fresh in your followers minds, it also makes sure that they don’t delete you for being a ghost follower.

Download Day-2-Day 5-Step Guide Instagram