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Put your name and email into the form below and click Send. Then click the “Pay with Paypal” Button. When the money is received i will add you to the raffle and send you a confirmation email.

Raffle Ticket

This Raffle Ticket could win you a custom graphics package.


I will use wheelofnames.com to pick the winner 10 days from the start of the raffle, i will film and put this on my IG Stories [@dopeartguy} for you to see.

Raffle Rounds Last 10 days. Raffles are currently happening at random times so make sure to pay attention.

For now, limit for each Raffle Round is 10.

This is a huge opportunity for anyone needing graphics but doesn’t quite have the budget at the moment. If you win, we will work together to create what you need, such as; logo, branding/social media graphics, a stream package, what ever it may be.

My Portfolio

*10% of Money Pool will be Donated to Charity.

*If Raffle fills up before 10 days, we will proceed with picking a winner early!

*If 10 day passes and say we only sell two tickets, we still continue with picking a winner.

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