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The Group Identity Vs. The Individual Identity / Video Analysis

Chris Rock: Black people vs N***** :

This video has the power to show racists something. Unfortunately I see a few in the comments using it only as a reassurance and an okay to continue their prejudice thinking. 

I came across this video, and although very funny, its very true and something I have always thought, perhaps not in the same terminology, but the same idea. He's showcasing what's wrong with putting blame or attributing things on to the group identity. He say's something along the lines of, even black people are just as mad as you white people are at these n****** .... showcasing its not group identity that's the problem, as always it comes down to individuals and their behavior.

The calling them "n****" is controversial and often called racist, although many African Americans hold this view point(like chris rock), one needs to understand it comes from their history and circumstance. Its a whole other topic that could be debated, whether or not its right or wrong, racist or not, but this bottom rung minority of lazy, unmotivated pos, criminals exist in every race or group of people, they may just be referred to as something else depending on the group they belong to, and that's where the racism comes in, instead of calling them "n****s" or "white trash honkies" or what ever it may be, why not call them all the same thing, "lazy, unmotivated pos, criminals"? Well i do lol, but again not everyone's the same. But were getting off track, I want to get away from the idea that the statement or premise(its okay to label bad black people as "n*****") is racist, because again, that a different topic that could be debated, with black people on both sides.. and instead focus on what it really showcases, which is The Group Identity Vs. The Individual Identity.

Its extremely important imho, that people realize there are good and bad people with in every race or group of people. It sounds so simple, but for some reason seems to be a major neglected step that many need to take in order to move past their prejudice.

Who knows how its gotten to where we are today, I truly believe its just a biproduct of the divide and conquer strategy they employ through many different classifications. 

We've gotten so focused on the group identity, that is has hurt us greatly in all aspects of life it seems.

Every time there is a problem it seems people want to put blame on a group identity instead of a individual identity, and that's something I don't understand and can cause a lot of issues.

Its why I resonate and respect Dr. Jordan Peterson so much, he lectures on the importance of the individual identity being dominate and at the forefront. For numerous reasons, all of which benefit us as a group. So its pretty ironic when you get into this stuff. The more individual we are, the better the group is.