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Election Integrity

Use This Thread as a safe place to talk about anything and everything to do with election integrity.

Ive been quiet on this one, I've been labeled a trump nut qanon crackpot enough, nothing further from the truth btw, but here's the thing, election integrity doesn't start and stop with elections specific to Donald Trump.

Throughout our entire history there is evidence of election manipulation in the forms of voter fraud, voter intimidation, voter suppression, disinformation, vote buying, ballot stuffing, mis-recording of votes, and the list goes on.

I'm not gonna list a bunch of sources, I've already done the research, simply type any of the things above followed by examples in the us in google, like this: "Voter suppression throughout history in the US" and your off on your way to being more informed lol.

So yes I believe this election was tampered with along with every other election to take place in human history.

The real question is, was it tampered with enough to change the actual outcome? With so much in play, that's a much harder question to answer.

Make no mistake, this is a bipartisan issue, both parties are guilty of all the things listed above, either directly or indirectly, more than likely both.