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Steak’n Shake
1640 E Tipton St, Seymour, IN 47274

First bad review I’ve had to give, I would not recommend anyone going here, this was by far the worst steak n shake I’ve ever been to, and i love steak n shake. We we’re seated quick enough, but then we sat for 15 minutes until our waiter finally came to take our orders, it was not that busy and a lot of staff seemed to be standing around, our food came, BEFORE our milkshakes and chili, I dont know about you but i always eat those two before my meal, once I get that meal in me I’m full and dont want that stuff, they took the chili off the bill at least, but it just seemed crazy that it took 45 mins to get a cup of chili and milkshakes, we were done with our meals waiting for this stuff lol. Fries were cold as well. Not a good experience.