Digital Clinic was created for the sole purpose of combating scammers and frauds within the digital realm, in doing so I had a lot of people start asking me for help. Which I was glad to offer, thus I started offering a place for exposing scams, honest strategies, tips, and hints. I have written many resources including an Ebook and many posts, with more always on the way. I am trying to build a community of like minded honest people so we can share and grow together.

New Spaces, New Scams (NFT, Crypto, Stock Scammers)

With the explosion of dodgecoin and wall street bets going mainstream, the number of average joe's investing has skyrocketed, with ...
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The Biggest Problem of Social Media in 2019 | Digital Clinic

Hollow engagement Im creating a series of articles for Digital Clinic, covering “The Single Biggest Problem on each Social Media ...
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Is there a max limit to how many times you should post on Instagram in a day? | Digital Clinic

Lots of people will say yes, and up until recently I would have been one of those people. I would ...
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Celebrities need to take notice of Will Smith | Why has he had so much success on Social Media?

I’m not sure who whispered into Will Smith’s ear(I think it was Ellen) and convinced him to check out a ...
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Digital Clinic Marketing Codex: Introduction to Digital Marketing

Click the image or this link, to view/download the pdf and see the book in all its glory.

Digital Outreach Program

This program is a direct resource you can send someone to if you see them falling for a scam, instead of repeating yourself over and over.