Dopely Faded, is my alter-ego, stage name, and gamer tag.

Dopely Threaded, is a streetwear company that focuses on Marijuana Advocacy while spreading awareness in a fashionable way. Dope Threads, Threads that are dope, man.

Dopely Enlightened, is here to enlighten you with different perspectives diving deep into many different things whether it be blogs, videos, articles, pictures or anything else covering a wide range of topics whether it be religion, spirituality, drugs, the universe, life, death, conspiracies, or anything in between.

The goal is to present interesting content and drive the progression of thought, to get you thinking and asking questions, because only after one questions everything and seeks out the answers may one become Dopely Enlightened.

Dopely Photod, is home to all my attempts at professional photography.

Dopely Pinned, is a divison dedicated to providing the world with dope enamel pins.

Dopey Scripted, is the home for all my creative writings; poems, short stories, books, manifestos, scripts, comics, what have yous.

Dopely Psychedelic, is a top secret divison. Only those with top clearance can access.

VidTripz, is a divison dedicated to offering Psychedelic Visual Experiences for the eye to relish.

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