CyberWorkz is a brand set out to prove its name. Cyber does and can work for anyone who utilizes it. Everyone these days has a little hand held super computer with them at all times, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to go a minute without being linked in to the internet… the thing is, many use this super computer, to make calls, send messages and take pictures, maybe play games…. but for some reason, they don’t use it to make money… for the life of me I cant figure out why not everyone is using this tool to their complete advantage… my best guess is they don’t know how, so i wanted to set out and create a brand that shows you and helps you to make money using the internet through many different avenues.

That’s exactly what I did. Welcome to CyberWorkz.



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Day Trading

I Buy and Sell Instagram accounts, I only acquire organically grown accounts, if you are interested in buying an account, or selling one, You can contact me below.

I use platforms such as, Fameswap, Playerup, Epicnpc, and Social Tradia, to buy and sell accounts, I vet all accounts thoroughly. I check engagement rates, quality of followers, and activity. I’ve been doing this awhile and have learned a lot from beginner mistakes.

Social Management

In this day of age, Social Media is crucial for your business or personal brand. That being said, maintaining all your Social Media Channels can end up taking all your time from the actual business. I can not only manage your accounts so it maintains status quo, but I can grow your digital presence organically and with paid reach.

I manage multiple accounts for various clients, I create content and make posts in a scheduled manner, engage with other users, organically grow the accounts as well as running paid ad campaigns and have had countless clients more than satisfied with their results.


I have been moving more and more into the influencer game. I know so much about marketing, affiliate marketing, and influencer marketing, and I know so many people with the potential of being influencers but don’t even know it, or know anything about influencer marketing. So, I decided to start guiding people to influencer status, its no overnight process, but people with the potential and the willingness to put in the hard work will no doubt see a major change in their life.