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Evan’s Media Empire is the umbrella company that houses all of my brands found below.




EF, was created in 2017 and was originally just going to be my travel blog, but after having so many sites and tired of signing in and out of all of them just to edit or post something I decided to move my sites under one roof, I just so happened to pick Escaping Finlandia because I liked the domain even though its hard to spell/say for some.

The name Escaping Finlandia comes from the name of where I live, Finlandia, and “Escaping” the name of where I lived made sense for a travel blog.


Marketing, Cyber Security

Digital Clinic is a brand I created to help spread awareness about scams online. Busting scammers and exposing them and bringing these types of scams to peoples attention to better protect themselves in the future is the main purpose of Digital Clinic and The Outreach Program.

But, Digital Clinic also offers guides and resources on various digital related categories, such as digital marketing, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, etc. Helping people make money online, the real way. No bullshit from the “Gimme Your Money for my Webinar” Marketers.


Review & Critique

Evan Reviews Everything was created in 2018, I created it for a couple of reasons, I love giving reviews, I love discussing pop culture, reviews are good for small businesses and products and they really appreciate it, and the final of course is reviewing popular things from our culture as well as products brings in a lot of traffic to my site, which helps me out tremendously.


Digital Income

CyberWorkz is a brand set out to prove its name. Cyber does and can work for anyone who utilizes it. Everyone these days has a little hand held super computer with them at all times, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to go a minute without being linked in to the internet… the thing is, many use this super computer, to make calls, send messages and take pictures, maybe play games…. but for some reason, they don’t use it to make money… for the life of me I cant figure out why not everyone is using this tool to their complete advantage… my best guess is they don’t know how, so i wanted to set out and create a brand that shows you and helps you to make money using the internet through many different avenues.


Personal Artistic Expression

Dopely Diverse is a premierehigh-end, all-media entertainment conglomerate.


Shipping & Handling

Malik Distribution is simply the alias I use for all my buying/selling on marketplaces such as ebay, amazon, facebook marketplace, letgo and craigslist.


Social Network

Artist Connect was started in March of 2018 and it has exploded which really warms my heart because this is a project that really means a lot to me.

Artist Connect, The Creative Collective is an Art Feature/Inspiration/Tutorial blog with an emphasis on exposure for Artists as well as building a private network for artist to connect.



Wizard is the Marketing and Design Agency that my brother and I created together in 2017. We have been providing people and brands with amazing content and marketing ever since.

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