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The Matrix Resurrections Review (spoilers)

So Lets talk about The Matrix Resurrections. Spoilers Possibly Ahead. Its pretty bad, but I actually have a better outlook on it than most. That’s because I know what to expect now, utter shit. If you keep your expectations super low, you may end up surprised that something isn’t as bad as you thought it would be lol.

That’s the case for the new matrix for me. Like I thought this movie was gonna be REALLY REALLY REALLY bad, but its only REALLY REALLY BAD… so in my eyes I was like good job, yall didnt fuck it up as bad as i thought you would, but still a big fumble lol.

First off I want to say, I was interested in some of the concepts and story elements, they actually did some cool things, i liked learning more about the real world and what happened after revolutions, i thought it was cool how the machines revived neo and trinity, and how they were keeping them trapped inside the matrix. It made you want to learn more about the machines and their motives and whose in charge etc… seems their expanding things, im just wondering if we will be satisfied by the answers they give us.

I think its cool that trinity has powers at the end for the sole fact that they are a power couple now, but other than that i hated it lol, like for one the way it was like revealed was dumb, she’s able to fly before neo gets his flight back, just seems like this movie makes the previous ones pointless, like i thought neo was the one, but now he and her together are the one i guess, idk… its gonna make any future movies seem like low stake shit, like playing a game on god mode, these 2 will just wreck anyone..

As for the rest of the actual inside the matrix stuff, that’s where it really sucked, i was much more interested in the real world stuff.

Its a shallow rehash full of callbacks and literal flashback clips from the original trilogy. In my eyes, they have to be setting up another trilogy, otherwise, this movie was completely pointless. If a new trilogy is green lit, maybe we will see the reverse effect of the first one, where as, the first movie in this trilogy will be the worst and the next two could be considered the good ones, hell maybe we will look back on this one and see it as actually good and all part of the journey after the sequels, like many are doing with Tom Hollands Spiderman Movies after NWH.

The fight scenes were horrible with cuts every 2 seconds, with the occasional forced wall running or slow mo (bullet time) just to remind you that this is the matrix, it just didn’t feel like matrix to me.

They change a few things, like now instead of phones they use mirrors as exits, but instead of exits, they are called hacks. And what’s up with NPH, he’s called the analyst, is he the new architect but they’re calling him something new now, or is this a different position, he talking about taking over and running the show for the suits, like what? now they’re calling who ever is in charge of the machines “suits” I guess? IDK.

The agents weren’t threatening at all, the whole swarm bot zombie mode was dumb, I don’t like how the smith character was handled.

I didn’t like the fact that a different actor was playing Morpheus, but for the movie it makes sense. I’m not sure if i like how his story went or not, like on one end its kinda cool that he’s a program but at the same time its not, like that’s our boy Morpheus, the mentor to the one, but i mean the oracle was a program sooo… also what’s up with the physical programs in the real world, that tech was kinda cool i guess, but also weird, again idk if i liked it or not lol..

I complained when this movie was announced that it was a missed opportunity, i was like, “why the hell wouldn’t they call it “matrix rebooted” these fools”.. but after watching it, it makes sense in terms of neo and trinity, and I wouldn’t doubt that we see matrix rebooted as one of the next titles, they mentioned in the film how the matrix could revert back to the old one, so who knows.

So again, for sure some cool elements to things, but overall it just doesn’t land on its feet imo.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Christian Bale is a badass Actor

So ive been watching some christian bale movies, not even on purpose, just by chance.

And ive been thinking about putting an actors list together for Evan Reviews Everything.

I have always loved christian bale, american psycho, a cult classic that i think everyone loves. He was my favorite John Conner by far. His portrayal of Cheney; out of the furnace, my mans got range, and just thinking about it, im like, i feel like ive never really listed christian bale in my personal top favorites, i feel like i been disrespecting my man. Is it because i kinda see him as batman, his biggest role, yet my personal least favorite of his, not to say i dont like those movies, but compared to his others, it just doesnt do it for me.

Its weird to me they even thought of christian bale for that role. I will say i thought he made a decent Bruce Wayne, but idk his body build was off. I think Ben Affleck is much better for the role, personally. But I digress.

My man has an impressive catalog of awesome films. I would list my favorites but it would basically be me copy and pasting his entire IMDB Page, so not much point. One of the films i just rewatched for the first time in a long time was Rescue Dawn, such an awesome fu*kin movie, he and everyone in that movie kills it.

Lets not forget to mention the insane transformations this man puts his body thru for a role, its just insane to me, and probably takes so much fuc*in mental strength.

My point is when your that consistent you better be getting the respekt on your name that you deserve and i just feel like i been doing my man dirty, so much so, i felt the need to post this, also as an announcement post that my actor list will be coming soon, this one will be different than the other lists because im going to try and rank them from best to worst without a star system, could take some time.

Mortal Kombat Movie Review | 4/5 | ERE

I watched this coming off of my Army of the Dead review, so it may have helped it. That being said, I thought this movie was pretty dope, I went in expecting it to suck to be honest, I was pleasantly surprised. The fights and fatalities were pretty sick. Scorpion was dope af. Subzero was tight, all the characters were pretty dope to be honest. The visuals were really well done.

The only thing I will say is it kind of felt anti climatic I guess, im not sure how to describe it, but I guess it was because I was expecting an actual tournament but then the final battle happened and it was done, dont get me wrong the scorpion reveal was sick nasty, I guess I just thought there was gonna be more I didn’t realize we were entering the final battle when that happened.

Ill for sure be checking out the next two they have planned, in the meantime I would recommend this movie over Army of the Dead lol.

Army of the Dead movie review | 2/5 | ere

The best part of this movie was looking for the Chris Delia replacement scenes… I cant imagine Chris Delia in this movie, I kind of want to see #thedeliacut lets make it happen

Zack Snyder is a controversial director for some reason, so Lets start this review off by saying that I am a fan of Zack Snyder. I thought 300 was dope as hell, first of its kind in many ways. MOS was amazing, the man brought us the first badass superman movie. I thought BvS was cool but for sure could have been better and I think the Martha line was not the right way to go about it lol. Day of the Dead is a cult classic, I remember watching it when I was young, it left a lasting impression. I love the dood’s visuals and love the stuff he gets right.

That being said, im not one of these hardcore fan boys who says he can do no wrong. Too many people have this mindset now a days, where they think someone they like can do no wrong. We see it with people and their preferred political candidate for instance, but thats a topic for another day.

I went into this movie thinking it was gonna be good, thinking I was gonna like it. Nahhh, this movie sucked lol. It was a fun watch, but only cuz we were making fun of the plot, the dialogue, forced moments, the wide ranging field of depth, zombie behaviors and runs, the stupid backstories/sub plots it tries to put in, the robots lol, the zombies that knew kung fu … this movie had a lot going on.

So if your alone looking for a good movie to watch, I wouldn’t recommend, but if your with some family members or friends looking for a good bad movie to make fun of this ones a good choice, its pretty stupid lol.

Again, not trying to shit on Snyder, I like the guy, and I forgot to mention above that I thought JL the snyder cut was freaking amazing and I think he should have control of the DCEU. BUT, I was just expecting different from this, I understand its more on the fun side anyway, he wasn’t looking for any oscars, but still…

Triple Frontier Bomb Review (No Spoilers) | ERE

So HOLY SHIT! We are here! Triple Frontier is finally on Netflix and this is something I’ve been waiting for since the first time I saw the trailer, its got my boys Ben Affleck and Charlie Hunnam in it, as well as Oscar Isaac, Garrett Hedlund and Pedro Pascal which equals one of hell of a team, the casting for this movie was superb, arguably the most stacked lineup of 2019.

So without giving too much away cuz we all know that’s not what my reviews are about, the movie is about these guys going to get some money from a drug lord. Right off the bat you have a feeling things aren’t going to go as planned. That feeling or suspicion if you will, is soon confirmed. A crazy mission ensues and I was literally on the edge of my seat for most the movie, the suspense in this movie is real.

The soundtrack and score for the movie were great and added to the suspense, the cinematography was really nice, amazing shots and lighting, awesome action scenes, I took notice of one scene in particular when they are clearing rooms in a house, excellent camera work and choreography.

The story is amazing, action packed, and tragic. The screenplay and story are by Mark Boal, the writer who brought us the likes of “The Hurt Locker” and “Zero Dark Thirty”, which are amazing movies. This was genuinely one of the better movies I have seen lately, now that I think about it, I’m sure its my favorite movie of the year so far, unless Im forgetting one. I was never bored, and the movie picks up pretty quick and keeps on going.

If you made it this far Im sure you can conclude that I highly recommend this film, which is live on Netflix right now!

Go check it out and support these badass actors. Its just nice when every once in a while a movie comes out and every thing comes together, great director, all star cast, and everything else behind the scenes, I have such a high level of appreciation for this shit.