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Birthday Retreat to Florida

This coronavirus was a travel bloggers worst nightmare I assume, travel blogging is only a small percent of what I do here, so I made by pretty good but I figured after a year and half of the rona, it was time for a little retreat down to Florida. I strongly believe in disconnecting from normal everyday work life so you can recharge doing whatever you want to and come back 200% better. I try to do it much more often but as we have already stated, that hasn’t been as easy as it usually is. I been dying to get back to a festival.

But at last we made it down. I Flew allegiant down, and let me just say, its a blessing anytime you step off a plane, but sometimes allegiant got me feeling more blessed than other flights. My Mommy performed the airport pickup pretty flawless, only had to wait like 2 mins with the girl that just had to get off the plane 1st cuz she couldn’t miss her Lyft, like theres not countless more out there…

I could be wrong but I don’t think we even made it back to the house from the airport before we were stopping at a local spot for some grub. I forget the name, something by the sea, lol, I need to get the name cuz I need to do a review on my food. Mini preview of the review, the food was pretty dam good. I got this big ol’ burger that I had to unhinge my jaw to eat lol, not the biggest ive seen(thats what she said) but still a big one.

From there we went back to the house and settled in a bit. First thing you do when you get to Florida is go to the beach so after enough settling we went down for a walk. First time on the beach in like a year and a half felt very nice and super calming for the spirits. We got word that the grandparents were back at the house so we headed back for the reunion. It was nice seeing them after so long.

I believe we all went out to eat that night? Shit I cant remember thats what I get for waiting so long to write this. But we pretty much hung out back and forth between the house and the beach while going shopping and out to eat.

We decided to go on a fan boat ride cuz everyone had always wanted to, so why not? It was good times. The operation was ran by a character by the name Captain Jed, I think? Could have been Captain Joe… berry was calling him captain hank cuz no one knew what his name was lmao… my mom thought we had the wrong place cuz the sign said captain Jims and she thought we need captain Jeds cuz of a misspelled review, but we took google maps to the location so idk how we would be in the wrong spot, we wouldn’t lol…old people am I right?

So Captain Hank finally shows up and we’re off, this dood is pointing out all these birds and giving us the rundown of them, and its like, for all I know he could have been bullshitting all of it, maybe he has a bird book, idk… he had named all the alligators and told us their and his life story lol… he told us how he had a pet alligator and all of this crazy nonsense, but he was a good guy, funny.

From there we pretty much did more of the same, eating, chilling, sun bathing on the beach. We did go down to the dock and see some manatees up close, which was pretty cool. These things are fucking huge, and they look like big turds or something lol, like if you bumped into one of these things while swimming, you would shit yourself, then there would be two turds floating lol.

Mortal Kombat Movie Review | 4/5 | ERE

I watched this coming off of my Army of the Dead review, so it may have helped it. That being said, I thought this movie was pretty dope, I went in expecting it to suck to be honest, I was pleasantly surprised. The fights and fatalities were pretty sick. Scorpion was dope af. Subzero was tight, all the characters were pretty dope to be honest. The visuals were really well done.

The only thing I will say is it kind of felt anti climatic I guess, im not sure how to describe it, but I guess it was because I was expecting an actual tournament but then the final battle happened and it was done, dont get me wrong the scorpion reveal was sick nasty, I guess I just thought there was gonna be more I didn’t realize we were entering the final battle when that happened.

Ill for sure be checking out the next two they have planned, in the meantime I would recommend this movie over Army of the Dead lol.

Current Plays: Crypto in General [5/25/21]

Theres a lot going on in the Crypto World, there was a bit of a crash and everyone woke up with a lot of money gone.

Im still in the green I am glad and fortunate to say.

For now, I am long term holding, ETH, MATIC, ADA, XRP. When i say long term holding, I mean i dont plan to touch these for years, only add to them.

I am mid-long term holding, doge, shib, and safemoon. When I say mid-long term holding, I mean depending on the situation I could buy more, sell, hold, secure profits, start day trading this coin, who knows with these pump and dump coins, I see some of them sticking around for awhile tho.

For short term/day trading, today I am messing around with Chibi & HODL … tho these change on a day to day basis, i use coin market cap to catch gainers on their way up.

I added a new page to CyberWorkz, Crypto Watch which will have a log of all crypto gainers and losers every 12 hours.

Army of the Dead movie review | 2/5 | ere

The best part of this movie was looking for the Chris Delia replacement scenes… I cant imagine Chris Delia in this movie, I kind of want to see #thedeliacut lets make it happen

Zack Snyder is a controversial director for some reason, so Lets start this review off by saying that I am a fan of Zack Snyder. I thought 300 was dope as hell, first of its kind in many ways. MOS was amazing, the man brought us the first badass superman movie. I thought BvS was cool but for sure could have been better and I think the Martha line was not the right way to go about it lol. Day of the Dead is a cult classic, I remember watching it when I was young, it left a lasting impression. I love the dood’s visuals and love the stuff he gets right.

That being said, im not one of these hardcore fan boys who says he can do no wrong. Too many people have this mindset now a days, where they think someone they like can do no wrong. We see it with people and their preferred political candidate for instance, but thats a topic for another day.

I went into this movie thinking it was gonna be good, thinking I was gonna like it. Nahhh, this movie sucked lol. It was a fun watch, but only cuz we were making fun of the plot, the dialogue, forced moments, the wide ranging field of depth, zombie behaviors and runs, the stupid backstories/sub plots it tries to put in, the robots lol, the zombies that knew kung fu … this movie had a lot going on.

So if your alone looking for a good movie to watch, I wouldn’t recommend, but if your with some family members or friends looking for a good bad movie to make fun of this ones a good choice, its pretty stupid lol.

Again, not trying to shit on Snyder, I like the guy, and I forgot to mention above that I thought JL the snyder cut was freaking amazing and I think he should have control of the DCEU. BUT, I was just expecting different from this, I understand its more on the fun side anyway, he wasn’t looking for any oscars, but still…


I had heard this legend sadly passed away, but I’m so glad to hear that’s not the case. I was watching this dood’s videos in my childhood home, this is just insane to me.

He’s been back for over a year now, I never knew, the only reason I became aware of it was because Joyner Lucas shared one of his reaction videos.

Good News is rare, and this brings me back to my childhood, glad to see this dood alive and well and still doing his thing. Thought I would Share.

Current Plays: Dogecoin [5/10/21]

That was an interesting weekend lolol… not as high as we thought but not as low of a crash as we thought either, has found some stability in the .50 to .60 range, way better than i thought would…. i secured some profits on the way down at .68, reinvested at .42 and now its a long hold for me until the next catalyst at least, we will see what happens, hell i thought i was gonna get out total this weekend but were gonna leave some in there… were playing hard with shib, safemoon, and picking up some other ones… stay tuned


Would you look at this shit…..

then would you look at this shit..After the video above goes viral, they try to do some damage control…


They agreed with the behavior of the bartender, they all deserve to learn a lesson, they need to shut it down.

Go tank their reviews, and say fuck you to them, and spread the word so their pockets feel it.

I dont think this dood gives a fuck, he just sorry that hes on blast.

Ohio Blows BIG TIME!

Why Ohio Sucks

Okay, as I always say, I try not to be a hater. There’s enough hate in the world, it don’t need me to spread any more, but sometimes I cant help myself, you know what I mean. So that being said, fuck ohio.

Am I right?

Ohio, has to be the worst state out of all of them. I mean what does it have going for it? Its flat and boring, kinda like Indiana.

My personal experiences with Ohio has me never going back there, fuck that place…. Lets get into it.

So I think the first shitty experience I had there was when me and Ryguy were driving back from our Washington D.C trip, and we stopped at this rest stop/gas station to refuel. I get gas, then we decide to run in real quick and get something to drink and eat. Not thinking of it, cuz its like 3 am and we are the only people there and there is like 20 empty pumps, we leave the car at the pump. We go inside and get our goodies, 10 min at the most, we’re getting close to the car and the gas station attendant starts yelling at us that we better get out of here cuz he just called the sheriff and they are on their way cuz your not suppose to leave your car at the pump. Im like okay guy, I get for safety reasons, but no need to be a dick about it, people do it all the time, calm the fuck down, Idk what this guys deal was, but it really rubbed me the wrong way. And sorry to say, all of ohio must pay the price for this mans unpleasant demeanor.

Next incident, back when I was cutting trees for FTS we got a job in Ohio. So first of all we have to wake up early as fuck and drive to and from Ohio everyday, so already its not a fun time, especially since this went on for weeks. Then when we get there, our job site, is this fucking run down trailer park that has a “bubbles” with thousands of cats that just shit everywhere. So we’re stepping in shit, our ropes our getting covered in shit, its not a great time, hell its not even a good time, its a horrible time. It was as shit show, and again, all of ohio must pay the price of this situation I found myself in.

Next and last, but the biggest situation, that really turned me off ohio, was an incident me, ryguy and crystal went through on our way to Camp Bisco. So we stop somewhere off the highway in Ohio to hit up Walmart and get groceries and other necessities for the trip, no problem. We do that, we get the stuff loaded into the car, then ryguy cant remember if he bought a charger or not for his phone(he did) so he goes back in to get one real quick, meanwhile me and crystal are outside in my car. My cars AC didnt work at this time and it was hot, it was that bad on the highway, but in a sitting parking lot, its unbearable, so I started driving around the parking lot in a big circle, even going behind Walmart, then ryguy hits us up, hes done, so we swing in front and pick him up. Then we decide to hit up penn station before we get back on the road, so we go get penn station, while walking in to sit down and eat, ryguy runs over to the bank atm real quick for cash, he comes back we sit down eat then leave. All of a sudden I look in the rear view mirror, and there is a cop pulling us over, I’m like oh fucking great.

We were riding clean, EXCEPT, like one freaking pill that ryguy had lol, he shuffled around, trying to hide it up his butt or something. He must have never watched cops, cuz they always say they see the people moving around… I see its a girl cop and she’s alone, she walks up the ryguys side, I roll the window down and she tells me she pulled me over because I didn’t use my turn signal. I asked her if she was sure cuz I use my turn signal leaving my fucking driveway, ever since I got pulled over for switching lanes without using it. She said “yep pretty. Sure.” … okay thats weird I thought… boom I look to my left and theres a cop now at my window, I go “wholy shit, you scared me!” And he goes “why would I scare you?” 😐 “cuz I didn’t know you were there man lol” I replied… I look around and now theres like 8 cops and 3 different cars including a blacked out SUV.. im like wtf is this… all of sudden the squad leader or whatever the fuck you call him comes over to talk to us.. he says “yeh, I clocked you back when you were driving behind Walmart man, what were you doing back there”…

I left out a huge laugh and he looked confused, I was like “my man, my ac is broke and my dood had to go back in so me and her were whipping around the lot to get the air floor, were dying” meanwhile as Im saying this we are all currently in the car dying, all sweaty, so if any of us were nervous we had good cover lol. He kind of looked like oh shit, this dood might be telling the truth, then he talks to the chick and she mentions how ryguy shuffled, and they talk to us all separately… they are trying hard to get me to give them permission to search the car… there like “we realize you guys are all packed up, were not gonna pull your crap out, just a quick look” to which I reply, “id rather just get back on the road, we’ve wasted enough time here and im about to pass out from the heat”… he looked defeated and he said well im gonna have a dog come out and walk around the vehicle and see if he gives a signal, which apparently they dont need permission to do lol, I was like FUCK…

But then when he goes on the radio to call the dog unit in they call back in saying they are busy and its gonna be a hr or more and they were like fuck you guys can just go, you could tell they were really pissed that they didn’t get us, but fuck them, I was really pissed that they profiled us based on the fact we drove behind a Walmart, like dafuq. It was like a whole sting operation unit they had out there and they fucking pounced on us then lied to us about why they pulled us over, guarantee if I did get in trouble for something, old Seth could get me off. But nothing happened, we got back on the road and all were freaking out and had anxiety thru the roof. When I was talking to the cop I was blowing ass all over, I was like sorry bruh I got IBS, he said oh thats alright, lmao I almost died laughing in front of him, he eventually moved to the other side of the whip.

Any way, fuck ohio. That place blows.

Trumbo Movie Review | 4/5 | ERE

ERE is back slowly adding to our catalog.

So it took me a while to actually check out Trumbo. To be honest I didn’t know what it was about or that it was a true story based on a real guy and events or any of that. But now knowing the subject matter of the film, im glad I checked it out.

This movie really gives you a glimpse of those times within the movie industry during the red scare. I remember learning about this period of time in school but we didn’t even scratch the surface.

I find it super interesting to see what these blacklisted people had to go through, the different factions that were working against each other, and it was awesome to see Trumbo reveal the hollowness of the black list through his ghost writing.

I couldn’t help but notice similar things going on in todays world, people are throwing the word socialist around and I wouldn’t doubt those people go through a lot of what we see in this movie. On the other side it exists too, we have seen people be cancelled (current day form of blacklisted) for holding different political opinions or supporting certain parties, or exercising their 1st amendment.

I think we can learn a lot from this time period, what do I mean by that? Well opponents of Trumbo thought these communist were going to destroy America. They did not. We hear a lot about how these socialist are gonna destroy America, or trumpers are going to destroy America. They have not. Its fear mongering to garner support for a specific side.

Everything is just fear.

I think we all need to chill, realize we are all people with different ideas and thats okay. No need to vilify those who hold other ideas. Instead we need to meet in a place of learning and understanding.

Just some similarities I noticed while watching, and the end of the movie had a great speech that I thought could be applied to the current political situation as well.

A lot of things are misunderstood. I think thats where a lot of the worlds problems come from, misunderstanding.

Anyway, great movie, with a great cast, covering an interesting time period in Hollywood in which similarities can be drawn to the current political landscape.

Quarantine was a Time for Personal Growth

I feel like a chicken running around with out his head lately, but in a good way.

I caught myself getting comfortable and doing the daily Instagram edit and calling it a day. It became less about art and more about checking a box everyday.

Dont get me wrong, I love my Instagram edits and its not like I was phoning them in, its just… I don’t like to stay in one lane for too long..

So yeah I noticed I haven’t been pushing myself like I used to.

So a while back I decided to to set some other daily boxes I needed to check, I decided I would try to learn something new everyday. I have been watching at least one tutorial a day to add tricks to my arsenal when it comes to creating with adobe.

Ive been getting back into physical art again, I forgot how awesome it is to create a piece in the real world with your hands… again im not knocking the digital art world, just expressing how I love all things art, and for a time it seemed like I forgot that.

So yeah, I’ve been pushing hard to try new things, new mediums, new techniques, etc… im learning new software, programs, apps, you name it, im learning 3d which is really pushing my art to the next level and giving me a new wave of creativity to work with, which im super excited for…

With all this, im jumping into the NFT scene, launching my first collection, “instaBABES”, which are presented as trading cards, many more collections and NFTs are coming, it takes a bit on my end to get them made, uploaded and minted, but I have streamlined the process quite a bit, so they should be dropping consistently, keep an eye out, I will create a section for them here on the site…

Its not all been art related, I been pushing to reading more and writing more which im excited about, I been researching more, learn about new topics, learn new words, anything and everything…

I have been learning more about the stock market, crypto currency which is super exciting, but also makes me mad that I haven’t been doing this for years as I have already made some nice change on the market. But oh well, no point in dwelling on the past, lets just make sure to get it today and tomorrow.

So yeah, be a student of life, were all still in school, make sure to catch your self when your getting to comfortable and push yourself to evolve, to advance in all aspects of life, there’s not much better things you can do for yourself, other than health things…

Its just crazy to look back and see all the things I’ve learned and improved on in such a short amount of time, its bittersweet, cuz it makes you feel like you’ve wasted time, but you cant look at it like that, and I know that’s easier said than done, but even that “wasted time” can be super beneficial in retrospect..

So it feels great with all this personal growth going on, but it doesn’t come without its negatives, at least for me, I love having all this stuff going on and the benefits of such things, but my anxiety does not lol, hence the feeling of running around like a chicken without his head.

I kinda wanna start on some alpha brain, don’t you just wish that limitless pill was real, that shit be dope.. abrupt end of blog