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Yes Please!
Power Level:

Over 9000

Unique Skill:

Making Woman Fall In Love, Its more of a curse.
Web/Graphic Design:

14+ Years
Digital Marketing:

5+ Years
Digital Cash Flow:

5 Streams.
Regions Explored:


  • Indiana
  • Florida
  • Arizona
  • Ohio
  • Kentucky
  • Tennessee
  • Georgia
  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • Illinois
  • Texas
  • Michigan
  • Nevada
  • West Virginia
  • New Mexico
Musical Experiences
  • Festivals:
  • Bonnaroo 2012
  • Spring Awakening 2014
  • Freaky Deaky 2015
  • Life is Beautiful 2017
  • Electric Daisy Carnival 2018
  • Electric Forest 2018
  • Camp Bisco 2019
  • Concert/Shows:
  • 400 Fest
  • PL Episode 8
  • PL @ The Fillmore
  • Dave Matthews Band @ Indy
  • Jack Johnson @ Indy
  • NF @ Clyde Theater
  • Griz @ Indy
  • Artists:
  • Pretty Lights(6x), Bassnectar(5x), Big Gigantic(8x), Tipper(1x), Walker & Royce(1x), The Disco Biscuits(2x), Space Jesus (3x), 1788-L(1x), Liquid Snails(1x), Ganja White Night(1x), Twiddle(1x), Ill.Gates(1x), Jade Cicadia(1x) ODESZA(1x), Liquid Stranger(2x), RUSKO(1x), Sunsquabi(1x), Cheat Codes(2x), Slightly Stoopid(1x), Chance the Rapper(1x), Schoolboy Q(3x), Mac Miller(4x), Yelawolf(1x), Childish Gambino(2x), SOJA(1x), City and Colour(1x), Colin Hay(1x), Red Hot Chili Peppers(1x), Lil Dicky(2x), Lorde(1x), Kaskade(3x), MGMT(1x), 2 Chainz(2x), Gorillaz(1x), Pusha T(1x), Slightly Stoopid(1x), Zeds Dead(5x), Hippo Campus(3x), Bill Nye(1x), Tycho(2x), Tchami(2x), Vince Staples(1x), De La Soul(1x), The Revivalists(1x), Sean Paul(1x), Big Wild(3x), Milky Chance(1x), Post Malone(1x),
.:Bucket List:.
  1. Be Born
  2. First Kiss
  3. SkyDive
  4. Scuba Dive
  5. Climb Mt. Everest
  6. Visit all 50 States
  7. Visit Japan
  1. Visit Brazil
  2. The Great Pyramids
  3. Maldives
  4. Venice/Italy
  5. Singapore
  6. 3 Flip a Ten! Yeah Right!
  7. Kiss Under a Waterfall

My name is Evan Beale. Im 27 years old. Im an Artist. I live in Indiana. I like long walks on the beach, being outdoors in general, skateboarding, snowboarding, swimming, along with other various activities.

I love technology for a number of reasons, i use it for learning, i use it for art, i use it to stay connected, i use it to make money, i use it to live.

I love pop culture, movies, music, art, anything you name it, I’m a pretty big geek, love sci fi, love marvel, love dc, love star wars, the new star trek, i love scary movies, old bad ones, old good ones, new bad ones, new good ones. I love watching a good tv show. I have seen many many movies and tv shows, love discussing them, i love rewatching them if there good.

Theres not much that i dont find interesting, i try to be a learner in all walks of life and industries of work.

My first Job was a detailing car wash, it was the best job of my life, from there i moved to another car wash, it was the same crew but not the same as the og carwash but still an awesome job.

From there I went to work for a friends landscaping business. It was awesome to continue working outside in a different manner, learning quite a few things about landscaping, as well as cutting down trees. We worked on some really cool projects like building a really cool beach my brother designed.

From there I went to a tree cutting company that worked for the powerlines. I learned a lot at this job, i learned knots, i learned about chainsaws, how to climb trees, how to cut down trees, learned how to operate a lot of different equipment and machinery while tackling a number of difficult jobs.

From there I went to a factory that painted car parts, i worked on the paint line for the first 3 months, just taking painted car parts off the line and putting them on racks. I then moved up to buffing our corvette hoods, i had never buffed anything so i learned quite a bit here.

From there i moved to a factory that built windows for boats and farming equipment, i was on boat side. As with all these jobs i met some really awesome people and was once again introduced to a new industry. I learned a lot here, i became the fastest builder on our side, building 58 windows in my shift, a factory record.

It was at this job that i got hit with the feeling one day that i didnt want to work for other people, well i did but on my own terms. So i walked out to pursue my passion.

I tried to get loans from a number of sources so i could rent to own a custom tshirt printer, this thing was like 65,000 big ones. I had all sorts of plans drawn out, solid plans, at least i thought, but still got no investors.

So we put that on the back burner, I then created a design and marketing agency with my brother called Wizard. Since then I have been creating graphics and other various forms of content for clients big and small all over the place.

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