Mortal Kombat Movie Review | 4/5 | ERE

I watched this coming off of my Army of the Dead review, so it may have helped it. That being said, I thought this movie was pretty dope, I went in expecting it to suck to be honest, I was pleasantly surprised. The fights and fatalities were pretty sick. Scorpion was dope af. Subzero was tight, all the characters were pretty dope to be honest. The visuals were really well done.

The only thing I will say is it kind of felt anti climatic I guess, im not sure how to describe it, but I guess it was because I was expecting an actual tournament but then the final battle happened and it was done, dont get me wrong the scorpion reveal was sick nasty, I guess I just thought there was gonna be more I didn’t realize we were entering the final battle when that happened.

Ill for sure be checking out the next two they have planned, in the meantime I would recommend this movie over Army of the Dead lol.

Current Plays: Crypto in General [5/25/21]

Theres a lot going on in the Crypto World, there was a bit of a crash and everyone woke up with a lot of money gone.

Im still in the green I am glad and fortunate to say.

For now, I am long term holding, ETH, MATIC, ADA, XRP. When i say long term holding, I mean i dont plan to touch these for years, only add to them.

I am mid-long term holding, doge, shib, and safemoon. When I say mid-long term holding, I mean depending on the situation I could buy more, sell, hold, secure profits, start day trading this coin, who knows with these pump and dump coins, I see some of them sticking around for awhile tho.

For short term/day trading, today I am messing around with Chibi & HODL … tho these change on a day to day basis, i use coin market cap to catch gainers on their way up.

I added a new page to CyberWorkz, Crypto Watch which will have a log of all crypto gainers and losers every 12 hours.