Current Plays: Dogecoin [5/7/21]

So i got into this pretty early, I secured some profits at around .47 and reinvested, I am keeping an eye on dogecoin hard today and tomorrow with elon on snl expected to drive the price up… Im gonna watch it and when i think its reached its peak (im thinking .80 – 1.00) im gonna sell off, secure profits, then reinvest a lil on the dip for a long hold …. who knows what happens after this, but i imagine i will add my doge profits to safemoon, mayyyybbbeee cumrocket, we will see….

Get into Crypto Before its Too Late

With so many people getting into crypto as of late thanks to the mainstream boom of the whole gamestop and wall street bets saga, i figured its time to ramp up content surrounding this topic as its something my brands; CyberWorkz and Digital Clinic have been a part of for quite some time.

Now even though the number of average joes investing has skyrocketed, there are plenty out there that have still not educated themselves. This shit can be scary i get it, but like anything else, after some research and experience you get the hang of things.

Its the wild wild west, some may think they missed the train with bitcoin, but they couldn’t be further from the truth. Truth is, we still have a strong couple of years of what i refer to as the “wild wild west” era of crypto.

There is a bunch of new coins popping up. some with very promising applications thus promising returns. The way I see it, i would rather lose a couple hundred bucks or so then miss out on the next bitcoin so to speak.

Crypto is not a fad and isn’t going anywhere, all the negative things said about these new coins were said about bitcoin.

Do some research and look into this whole ecosystem. Alot of people are making good money right now.

I would say you have to be some what tech savy, or you can follow youtube tutorials.

As always feel free to reach out to me for help with anything. Cheers

*By the way i am in no way a financial advisor, this is not financial advice, just my opinions and views.

New Spaces, New Scams (NFT, Crypto, Stock Scammers)

With the explosion of dodgecoin and wall street bets going mainstream, the number of average joe’s investing has skyrocketed, with both stocks and crypto. With that, comes a wave of new money for scammers to take from these new traders that are more susceptible to scams.

Very Similar, we have seen an explosion of a new market with NFT’s. Already, I have seen countless scams, copyright infringements, and all sorts of no no’s in this new space.

As such, it is no doubt crucial to expand Digital Clinic’s Content Coverage to include such scams within these markets. So expect more of that, for now lets do a basic overview of what Im talking about.

Crypto/Stock Scammers

I dont care what space your talking about, there will always be people looking to take advantage of others, so you need to be cautious and careful. Use your gut and common sense, if something doesn’t feel right, or something sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Make sure you do your research.

People want to be able to trust people, and when they hear something to good to be true, they so badly want it to be true, that it will sometimes blind their judgement, that coupled with not being as knowledgeable in a new space can lead to some big mistakes.

These scammers are everywhere, and can be found on trusted platforms, i have seen many starting to use discord to join trading servers.. be aware of scams such as this:

thats about $18,000 … i dont think im that lucky….

Apart from direct scams like this and dealing with people telling you they can turn your $200 into $2000, sometimes you may find yourself on a scam website somehow, make sure before executing any trades or sharing any private info that you are using a safe and secure trusted site.

The NFT space is in its “Wild wild west” Phase

This NFT space is insane, currently, its running rampant in its wild wild west phase, highly unregulated it seems. I have seen all sorts of people committing copyright infringement, like with the worst companies possible to, i saw someone straight up selling the Nintendo logo!

This is a big no no the world of art, and these people, some may get away with it, but some are in for a rude awakening.

If you are looking to collect NFT’s, make sure you look to see you are actually buying from the real legitimate artist of that piece, otherwise, your NFT is worthless and you’ve just been scammed.

Below is just one scammer, stealing and selling other peoples work, this has always been a thing in the art world, its not new to NFT’s, anyone who didn’t expect this are naive, we must deal with them unfortunately. There are thousands and thousands of people like the man below, this hurts us all. luckily, he has not sold any and many of his NFTs are being taken down!

As you can see, hes trying to sell a drake video, a bbc photograph, GTA V, angry beavers screenshot and many more… he claims to own copyrights, he claims to have permission but in fact these are all lies and he doesnt give a shit… many like him, be careful.